Outreach and missions know no boundaries at Willowbrook UMC.  Getting involved and working for causes is as natural as breathing for members of our congregation.

Scores of Willowbrookers regularly volunteer at various facilities in Sun City, Peoria, and Phoenix.  As a congregation, we support activities and organizations that help to relieve the plight of the homeless, the hungry, and the poor.  We belief in outreach that touches those in our neighborhoods, in our country, and in foreign lands.

Willowbrook is a church where God’s love becomes action.

Angel Tree Ministry

Each year at Christmas, Willowbrookers choose a child’s name from our Angel Tree.  These are the names of children whose parents are incarcerated and cannot purchase gifts for their own children.  Gifts are purchased, wrapped and delivered to the child’s home.

Food Bank Support

Willowbrook collects food and funds the first Sunday of every month.  Food donations are given to the Salvation Army in Sun City for re-distribution while monetary donations are used to support Valley View Community Food Bank.  In addition, Willowbrook designates a portion of its Thanksgiving offering to support Valley View Food Bank.

Habitat for Humanity

Currently, Willowbrook, in conjunction with the Mighty United Methodist Coalition (a coalition of valley Methodist churches), is working with Habitat for Humanity on a new home build this spring.  To date, Willowbrook has helped build through financial and/or manpower over ten homes with Habitat.

Heifer International

This ministry helps struggling families overcome a life of hunger and poverty by providing healthy animals and the training of their care.  In 2014, Willowbrook purchased several animals with funds contributed through the Benji/Loose change fund.

Imagine No Malaria

Every 60 seconds, malaria claims a life in Africa.  It is estimated that one life will be saved for every ten dollars donated.  IMAGINE that equation: One life = $10. Willowbrook continues to raise funds to support this extraordinary ministry.  You can learn more about INM by going to imaginenomalaria.org.

Justa Center

In 2015, Willowbrook collected towels, TP & coffee for the center. In addition, to cashcontinues to collect small toiletries for the Watkins Center. In 2015, Willowbrook delivered approximately 30 boxes of toiletries.

Salvation Army

We support the Sun City chapter of The Salvation Army financially as part of our budgeted commitments.  In addition, Willowbrook also designates our summer loose change collection for the Army’s back-to-school clothing drive.  Annually, Willowbrookers are also kettle bell ringers during the Christmas season.

Sidewalk Sunday School

This ministry focuses on teaching urban children and their families the basic fundamentals of Christianity: teaching empowerment through Christ to turn away from the negative community cycles that face them, and turn their hearts, minds and actions toward a lifestyle that contains promise and hope for the future.  Willowbrook financially supports this ministry.  During the spring and summer months, funds collected through the Benji/Loose change drive are used to underwrite summer camperships. In addition, each Christmas, Willowbrook parishioners purchase gift cards for over 100 Sidewalk Sunday School teens.

Souper Bowl Sunday

This annually national community outreach movement raises awareness of hungry and hurting in our community.  Willowbrookers are encouraged to leave their loose change in soup kettles as they leave church on Super Bowl Sunday.  This year’s donations were given to the Valley View Community Food Bank.

United Methodist Outreach Ministries – New Day Center

The mission of UMOM is to provide homeless and low-income families with food, shelter and tools to build a bridge to self-sufficiency. In addition to budgeted financial support, Willowbrook also promotes the annual Birdsong Tea/Luncheon, sells UMOM Christmas/Tribute cards, collects cloths and toiletries on an ongoing basis, and collects back to school supplies for UMOM residents.

Watkins Center

Willowbrook continues to collect small toiletries for the Watkins Center.  In 2015, Willowbrook delivered approximately 30 boxes of toiletries to the center.

Wesley Community Center

Located in South Central Phoenix, Wesley Community Center provides programs for children, youth, adults, families, and senior adults.  In addition to budgeted financial support, during the spring and summer months, funds collected through the Benji/Loose change drive are used to underwrite summer camperships.