During Lent, members of our congregation who take prayer packets, pray for the people whose names they have received. On Palm Sunday, they mail the Easter cards in their packets to the people they’ve been praying for.
If you are a member of our church, your name will automatically be included in one of our Lenten prayer packets. But if you are not on the membership rolls, even though you attend regularly, your name will not be included.
We would still like to pray for you – and send you an Easter card – but we will need your help! Fill out one of the blank index cards in the pew pockets, with your name and address. Then place the card in the offering plate, or in the Lenten Prayer Request basket on the welcome table in the sanctuary. (If you attend the Saturday service, look for the basket in the back of the chapel.)
We encourage you also to fill out cards with the names and addresses of friends and family members that we might pray for. These cards will be placed in our packets, and Easter cards sent. Deadline for submission is Monday, January 29th.