To be successful it’s important that every organization have a clear vision of who they are and where they are going. Churches too must have a vision – except their vision comes from God. Over the past several months the Church Council has met to prayerfully consider a new vision for Willowbrook. Many churches have adopted a three-year vision culminating in the 2020. Having a “2020 Vision” is a catchy theme and three years allows enough time to see results.

At the last meeting of the Church Council we adopted a Vision for 2020 that states: “Willowbrook’s Vision is to Grow a Vibrant Church by Sharing Christ with the World”. In addition we adopted a Mission Statement that states: Our Mission is to Invite, Inspire, Involve and Increase” Why two different statements? A vision statement gives you a picture of the destination – a vision of the desired outcome. A mission statement is the roadmap that will get you there. Our mission is what we do to shape that future vision.

Beginning this month you will begin to hear a lot more about our 2020 Vision and how you can participate in our church’s mission. Our overall Vision is focused on growth – both numerical and spiritual. In our Church Council discussions we talked about wanting to attract younger senior adults to our church with more diversity and greater participation in our ministries. From discussion we formed our Mission 2020 – to Invite, Inspire, Involve and Increase. The way to grow is for everyone to Invite another person and to make sure that visitors feel welcomed. The way to spiritual growth is to Inspire everyone through worship, Bible study, fellowship groups, etc. The mark of a vibrant church is having everyone Involved in ministry using their spiritual gifts. These combined will lead to an Increase in all aspects of church life.

The Mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World. That is our overriding mission as well. But our focus for the next three years is Growing a Vibrant Church by Sharing Christ with the World. And we will achieve that vision by 2020 as together we Invite, Inspire, Involve and Increase – all for the glory of God!